Lacrosse – Time & Room Shooting

Lacrosse – Time & Room Shooting

This page provides details on time & room shooting in lacrosse. This is when a lacrosse player has time to get off a powerful stationary outside shot (not close to the goal). For example, an offense player might find himself in this position during a man-up situation or on a fast break. The offensive player will have “time” to get off an accurate shot because he is momentarily wide open (not covered by a defender).

Please see the videos below for tips & instructions on how to improve a player’s time & room shooting. If you are looking for details on how to shoot while on the move, please visit the Shooting on the Run section.

For information on other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit our section on Lacrosse Shooting.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Time & Room Shooting

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