Lacrosse Sidearm Shooting – Instructions

Lacrosse Sidearm Shooting – Instructions

This page focuses on how to shoot sidearm in lacrosse. In a sidearm shot, the stick moves side to side (horizontally) when a player shoots on the goal. In contrast, an overhand shot involves the stick moving up to down along a vertical plane of motion.

Typically, overhand shots give greater accuracy but sidearm shots have greater power. Sidearm shots have less accuracy because they are less likely to benefit from a friendly bounce in front of the crease (since they are generally not traveling up to down but rather stay on the same horizontal plane of motion). Sidearms can be used for time & room shooting where you can set your feet and get off a very power shot. They can also be used on the run. However, sidearm accuracy when running can be challenging unless you are a more advanced player.

For instructions for other lacrosse shots (basic & advanced), please visit our section on Lacrosse Shooting techniques.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Sidearm Shooting

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