Lacrosse Shooting on the Run – Instructions

Lacrosse Shooting on the Run – Instructions

This page focuses on how to shoot on the run in lacrosse. This is when a lacrosse player is getting off an accurate shot while driving towards the goal and moving past any defenders. This is not stationary time & room shot. Please see the videos below for tips & instructions on how to become a more accurate shooter while on the run.

Shooting on the run is a hard skill for beginners to learn as too many drills have beginning players shooting from a stationary position (as their catching and shooting skills are usually poor). However, if beginners practice this skill early in their lacrosse “career”, they will become dangerous players because they will be able to create their own openings in order to score. There are many more on the run shots in lacrosse than wide open stationary shots.

Work on drills where beginners have to dodge past a defender or cone (i.e. using a split dodge or face dodge) and then shoot while still on the run at the goal. Also conduct drills where beginners need to catch a pass on the run and then shoot (still on the run).

For information on other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit our section on Lacrosse Shooting.

Instructional Videos for Shooting on the Run