Lacrosse – Scoring from X

Lacrosse – Scoring from X

This page provides details on how to score from X in lacrosse. This is where the player scores when starting from behind the goal at the X position. The offensive player must be able to go either way (left or right) at X or the defender will cheat and overplay the offensive’s strong side (i.e. force the attacker to go left if attacker favors his right hand). While the player attacking from X is often an attackman, some coaches also like to use an agile and smart middie to attack from X (esp. if they have a short pole defending them).

The offensive player must practice a variety of dodges that are useful when starting from X. Some of these include the following:

In addition, the offensive player must work on a wide variety of shooting techniques that allow him to score near the goal such as FakesBackhand or Shovel ShotsJump Shots, etc. For instructions for these techniques and other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

In order to be more versatile as a lacrosse player, offensive player should keep their head up when driving from X. This will allow them to pass to an open teammate if they have burnt their defender and a teammate has been left open by the goal due to a defender sliding to cover the attackman. This can lead to an easy assist for a goal.

Please watch the videos below for additional tips & instructions on how to dodge & score from X.

Instructional Videos on Scoring from X