Lacrosse Overhand Shooting – Instructions

Lacrosse Overhand Shooting – Instructions

The lacrosse overhand shot is the most basic… and usually the most accurate lacrosse shooting technique used in lacrosse. It is the first shooting technique taught to lacrosse beginners. If you miss your target with an overhand shot, it is still likely to go into the net (especially if it gets a good bounce front of the cage). In contrast, a lacrosse sidearm shot can be a more powerful shot but it is harder to control and more likely to miss the cage if you are not skilled shooter.

With lacrosse overhand shooting, the stick travels almost vertically from high to low. It will travel from a position high over your shoulder and end near your opposite side foot. In order to generate power for this shot, lacrosse players need to use their wrists, arms, shoulders, core muscles and legs.

For additional shooting instructions & techniques (i.e. behind the back shooting), please visit our section on Lacrosse Shooting.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Overhand Shooting

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