Lacrosse One Hand Shooting – Instructions

Lacrosse One Hand Shooting – Instructions

This page focuses on the advanced lacrosse shooting technique known as “One Hand Shooting”. This is where a player will use only one hand on the stick to shoot on a goal (versus the usual two hands on the stick). This lacrosse shooting technique has been popularized by the Thompson brothers.

This shot is used mainly near the crease. A one hand shot requires a player to have very strong wrists in order to “snap off” a quick shot. It is usually combined with a side arm shot that wraps around a defender or goalie. This shot can also be a result of making a difficult one hand catch near the goal and a player wanting to get off a very quick one handed shot with the same hand (versus taking additional time to get both hands on the stick). To improve this technique, lacrosse players should practice one handed wall ball.

For instructions on other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

Instructional Videos on One Hand Shooting

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