Lacrosse – Off-Hand Shooting

Lacrosse Off-Hand Shooting – Instructions

This page will help you with your off-hand shooting (or weak hand shooting) in lacrosse. Off-hand means your non-dominant hand (which for most people is their left hand). If you can only go right, it is easy for a defender to drive you away from the goal. He knows that you can not shoot with your left and thus overplays you to your right.

Like most things in lacrosse, the key to success with your off-hand is repetition. Get out and practice shooting with your off-hand. At first, you should go slowly and work on the shooting mechanics. As you become more comfortable with your off-hand, you can try stronger and stronger shots. In addition, you should practice off-hand shooting on the run and with different dodges in order to a more well-round and dangerous shooter. Moreover, don’t forget to practice your off-hand while doing wall ball. This is the easiest and fastest wall to improve with your off-hand. See our section on Wall Ball Drills for some off-hand wall ball ideas.

For instructions on other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

Instructional Videos for Off-Hand Shooting