Lacrosse – Long Pole Shooting

Lacrosse Long Pole Shooting – Instructions

This page looks at how to shoot and score with a lacrosse long pole (D pole). While a defender or LSM may not get many opportunities to score, they should practice their shooting skills. During a game, they may scoop up a ground ball and bring it across the midfield line. If no one picks them up (as most opposing defenders tend to stay with the attackmen), a defender or LSM may get the opportunity to score.

Most coaches tell players with long poles to aim low because the length of the shaft makes their shots powerful but less accurate than a short pole. Don’t be the long pole who rips a shot… right into the goalie’s stick. More importantly, if the goalie makes a save, this can lead to a fast break opportunity by the opponent as the defender is stuck on the wrong side of the field (and usually exhausted from his sprint towards the opponent’s goal). Therefore, many coaches instruct defenders to pass the ball versus trying to score. However, some innovative college programs (i.e. Brown) are surprising their opponents by using the LSM as a scorer & feeder (in addition to their traditional defensive duties).

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Instructional Videos on Long Pole Shooting