Lacrosse In-Close Shooting – Instructions

In-Close Shooting (or Around The Crease Shooting)

This page focuses on shooting in-close during lacrosse (or around the crease shooting). This is when you are shooting close to the goal and there are many defenders around you. When you are in close, you can not take a big wind-up as defenders will find it easy to check your stick. Rather, you will have your stick close to your body and the head of your stick should be near your ear in order to protect the ball. Moreover, your shot will be a quick “snap” of the wrists (versus a big wind-up). Players also often use lacrosse fakes in order to freeze the goalie when in close to the cage.

For instructions on other shooting techniques (i.e. Behind the Back shooting), please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

Instructional Videos on Lacrosse In-Close Shooting