Lacrosse Fakes – Instructions

Lacrosse Fakes – Instructions

This page will teach you how to score more easily by using lacrosse fakes. Fakes in lacrosse help to freeze the goalie or have him move in the wrong direction. This provides you with a better opportunity to score a goal.

The videos below provide you with instructions on how to effectively employ a fake in order to score during lacrosse. In addition, players can use fake passes in order to deceive a defender and get into a scoring position. For more shooting techniques (i.e. behind the back shots), please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

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Tips for Lacrosse Fakes

  • Use your head and shoulders to “sell” the fake versus making a huge motion with your stick.
  • Do not extend your stick far forward or the defender will check your stick.
  • Start by learning how to fake high and shoot low. As you become comfortable with fakes, you can include more variations (i.e. fake low & shoot high).

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Fakes