Lacrosse – Cross Handed Shooting

Lacrosse Cross Handed Shooting

Not every throw is perfectly thrown. Beyond being able to switch hands for a catch, you should also catch “cross handed” by moving your stick across your body (i.e. holding a stick on your right side and moving its across your body to catch on the left side without switching your hands). This is called catching “cross hand”, “cross handed”, “Canadian style”, etc.

With the close-in shooting used for box lacrosse, players often catch a bad pass cross handed and then shoot or pass cross handed. This makes for a quicker shot/pass as you are not moving your stick back to your dominant side. However, you need to practice this lacrosse shot/pass as it is more difficult than a traditional shot.

Try doing some lacrosse cross handed wall ball drills (see the video below) in order to work on your cross handed shooting. In addition to box lacrosse, this technique can be used in regular field lacrosse by attackmen who have gotten near the crease and have received a bad feed by a teammate. For more shooting techniques, please visit the main Lacrosse Shooting section.

Lacrosse Cross Handed Wall Ball