Lacrosse – Alley Dodge Shooting

Lacrosse Alley Dodge Shooting – Instructions

This page provides details on the lacrosse alley dodge. This is a basic lacrosse shooting technique used when attacking from topside. The alley dodge and the sweep are two of the most common shooting techniques used by lacrosse middies.

With this technique, the shooter will drive down the middle of the field and then when met by the defender, he will change direction and drive past the defender down the alley. The shooter should not drive too far out (too wide) as this will result in a poor shooting angle. This is a very effective technique for a fast middie who can outrun a defender and get open down the alley. Players should be able to score from either side so a defender can not “cheat” and just defend a player’s dominant hand (i.e. force a player to the left if the middie can only shoot effectively on the right side).

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Instructional Videos on Lacrosse Alley Dodge Shooting