Lacrosse – Riding Techniques

Riding Techniques

This page provides details on lacrosse riding techniques. A lacrosse ride is where an offensive player attempts to stop an opposing defensive player from bringing the ball up the field. For example, an attackman can ride a defender in order to stop an opposing team’s clear.

Lacrosse Riding Tips

  • The offensive player must be aggressive and try to block the defender from crossing the midfield line.
  • If the defender is on the sideline, the player should try to push the defender out of bounds while riding.
  • Even if the player can not take the ball away from the defender, a good ride will slow the defender and prevent a fast break opportunity for the opposing team.
  • High school and college players often use one hand wrap checks during rides. However, this check is usually illegal for younger players because it can be seen as a slash.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Rides