Lacrosse Middies – Instructions & Tips

Lacrosse Midfielders (Middies)Instructions, Tips, Videos, etc.

This page provides details for lacrosse midfielders (middies). It looks at middie shooting techniques, defense and much more.

If you play midfield in lacrosse, you will need tremendous agility and endurance. This is because you will running the entire field because you must play offense and defense. Furthermore, if you don’t hustle back to play defense, opposing teams will have an easier time scoring and you are more likely to sit on the bench. Therefore, star middies not only work on their shooting and passing skills but also on becoming stronger defenders.

Key Elements for a Lacrosse Midfielder – Each section includes instructions & videos

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Middies

How to Dodge as a Middie

Shooting on the Run

Middie Defense