Lacrosse Long Stick Middies – Instructions & Tips

Lacrosse Long Stick Middie – LSM

This page provides information on how to be a lacrosse long stick middie (LSM). A LSM is one of the most athletic & important members of a lacrosse team. He is often called on to cover an opponent’s best offensive player and play strong defense.

Moreover, a lacrosse long stick middie must be ready to go at any time because he is not part of a set middie line. The LSM must often hurry off when the ball crosses onto the offensive side of the field. In addition, a LSM must handle a long pole (d-pole) and be ready to assist with clears, feeding offensive players, etc. While this is a specialized position, a LSM can have a much larger impact on a game than a couple of “regular” middies.

Main Elements for a Lacrosse LSM – These sections provide written and/or video instructions.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse LSMs