Lacrosse Recruiting Tips

Lacrosse Recruiting Tips

This page provides details on how to get recruited for college lacrosse. These lacrosse recruiting tips cover how you should “market” yourself to college lacrosse programs and how to find the best lacrosse recruiting events. Visit our Lacrosse Recruiting section for additional recruiting information (i.e. calendar of upcoming recruiting showcases).

  • Grades, grades, grades!! You should focus on improving your school academic results. Poor grades and SAT & ACT scores will make it difficult for an even good lacrosse player to be recruited. Moreover, many strong lacrosse schools are also strong academic schools. Therefore, you will need a rigorous academic background in order to handle the curriculum.
  • Maximize your personal lacrosse skill development with clinics, camps, off-season training, staying after practice to do additional lax work, etc.
  • Work on becoming a better athlete and improve your speed, endurance, agility and strength.
  • Join an elite lacrosse club team and play at summer & fall tournaments. Many college coaches use these club team-based tournaments (i.e. Crab Feast) in order to scout for potential recruits.
  • Try to be invited to lacrosse recruiting showcases. Some of the top lacrosse recruiting showcases include the Nike Blue Chip, Maverik Showtime, Adrenaline Black Card, etc. Visit our Lacrosse Showcases section for a calendar of upcoming showcases.
  • For the best lacrosse showcases, individuals often need an invitation, tryout and/or recommendation from their club team coach or varsity high school coach. Get help from your high school or club coach in order to determine the most appropriate lacrosse individual showcases based on your skill level, geographical preferences, target schools, D1/D2/D3 aspirations, etc.
  • Go to lacrosse prospect camps run by individual colleges. These camps are usually 1 or 2 day events run by specific colleges in order to screen potential recruits. Unlike recruiting camps where there can be many college coaches, athletes at prospect camps are usually only seen by the coaches of the college sponsoring the event or a limited number of local colleges. These can be great recruiting events in order to get individualized attention & coaching. Visit our section on Lacrosse Prospect Days & Camps for a calendar of upcoming prospect days & camps.
  • Discuss your recruiting options with your high school and club team coaches. They can provide advice based on helping others in the past to get recruited.
  • Contact college coaches and provide them with your academic scores, a highlight video, schedule of upcoming tournaments where you will be playing, etc.
  • Create a professional-looking highlight video that is focused on your lacrosse skills and performance versus tough competition. Given the coaches are attending multiple recruiting events around the country or preparing for their own spring lacrosse season, a recruiting video is often the best way for a player to get in front of a busy coach.
  • Visit the college and meet with current college lacrosse players. Try to get a feel of the college’s lacrosse and academic programs. In addition, you need to see if you will mesh with the style of coaching at that college.
  • Focus not just on getting into the best lacrosse programs but also the best college. It is hard to make a living at lacrosse after college. The salary of MLL players is a tiny fraction of the money paid to athletes in the NBA, NFL, etc. Athletes should consider using lacrosse as a means to get a wonderful college experience, great education and meaningful career.
  • Don’t expect a full financial “ride” for lacrosse. Even if you get a lacrosse college scholarship, most players only receive partial scholarships.
  • It is extremely hard to get into a D1 lacrosse program. Moreover, D1 lacrosse is a full-time job as there is year round training which could interfere significantly with your school work, social life, etc. Lacrosse players should also consider D2 and D3 college lacrosse programs. Many of these programs are highly regarded.

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