Lacrosse – Hot Weather Gear

Lacrosse Hot Weather Gear & Summer Gear

Here is a variety of hot weather lacrosse gear. As you know, the summer club lacrosse season often goes into July. This means hot and humid lacrosse conditions, especially if your son is playing a late summer lacrosse tournament in Maryland. Therefore, listed below are some items that might make hot weather lacrosse a little more bearable.

If you are looking for items to handle freezing weather conditions (i.e. lacrosse games in early March or late November), please visit our section on Cold Weather Lacrosse Gear. At no extra cost to you, we make a small commission if you buy hot weather lacrosse products via the links below. Your purchase helps keep this website free for all visitors. Thank you for your support!

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List of Hot Weather Lacrosse Equipment

  • Boonie Hats or Bucket Hats – Protect your son’s head and face from the sun with wide brimmed boonie hats during summer lacrosse. Our favorites are the camouflaged military style boonie hats.
  • Blister Protection – Athletes can get more blisters in the summer due to hot & sweaty feet.
  • Clothing (Wicking) – Get wicking sports t-shirts (that let perspiration out) in order to help your son feel cooler during hot weather lacrosse. In contrast, cotton shirts absorb & hold the sweat.
  • Cooling Towels – Kids love to use these evaporative cooling towels in the summer. They use evaporation to lower the heat.
  • Deodorizer (Sports Gear) – Lacrosse gear can really STINK during the summer.
  • Headbands (Wicking) – Many players wear lightweight headbands that wick away sweat in order to keep sweat from pouring into their eyes during hot & humid summer lacrosse.
  • Socks – Some lacrosse athletes use moisture wicking socks to try cooling their feet as artificial turf fields can get very hot in the summer.
  • Water Bottles (Insulated) – Insulated water bottles will help to keep your son’s water cool for a long time even when it is laying on a red hot turf field.

Hot Weather Gear for Parents – Parents need to try to keep their sons cool when they are taking a break between summer lacrosse games. We have also listed some summer items (i.e. picnic wagons and tents) that will make summer lacrosse tournaments a little more enjoyable and/or easier to manage.

  • Canopy Camp Chairs – Watch the game & keep the sun off by sitting in a portable canopy-covered camp chair. Or if this is too much to carry, try a light weight camp chair… without a roof! 🙂
  • Car Sun Visors & Shades – Many parents use sun visors & shades in their car in order to reduce the hot “greenhouse effect” on their car sitting in the sun during a summer lacrosse tournament. Their shading effect can reduce the inside temperature of the car at the end of the day.
  • Coolers (Wheeled) – When dragging around a ton of drinks & ice, you can make life a little easier with a wheeled cooler. Lacrosse fields can be spread wide apart at many summer lacrosse tournaments & possibly miles away from where you parked! Wheeled coolers are much easier to roll around, especially when compared to lugging around a heavy drink-filled non-wheeled cooler.
  • Picnic Wagons – Many lacrosse parents use a picnic “wagon” to help drag around summer lacrosse equipment, snacks, umbrellas, chairs, etc.
  • Sunglasses – Try wrap around sports sunglasses as they are better at protecting your eyes from all angles.
  • Sunscreen – Make sure that you & the kids are protected from the sun with sunscreen. Lacrosse tournaments are long and you will be spending a lot of time in the sun.
  • Tents – Portable canopy tents are great for families or even whole teams to hide out from the sun or rain. However, be aware that more durable canopy tents tend to be heavy. If you have a small family, you could also try smaller & lighter sun shelters.
  • Umbrellas – You should always have large sports umbrellas available (i.e. in your car) during the summer lacrosse season because hot & humid conditions often produce thunderstorms.