List of Best Lacrosse Books

Our Favorite Lacrosse Books!!

Here are our picks for the best lacrosse books that will help improve your son’s lacrosse skills and/or help to improve your lacrosse team’s performance. They are our favorite lacrosse instructional books and, in our opinion, are the best lacrosse books at teaching basic & advanced lacrosse fundamentals. At no extra cost to you, we make a small commission if you buy products via the links below. Your purchase helps keep this website free for all visitors. Thank you for your support!

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Instructional Books for Lacrosse Players

Instructional Books for Beginning Lacrosse Coaches – These books are perfect for beginning lacrosse coaches as well as lacrosse parents who want to teach more advanced lacrosse concepts to their children.

Books for Developing a Better Athlete – To be a great lacrosse player, you need strong stick skills AND superior athletic skills.

College Lacrosse Recruiting Books – The goal for many elite high school lacrosse players is to play lacrosse in college. These books provide recruiting tips and step-by-step plans on how to be discovered by college coaches.

Fiction Books for Lacrosse Players – These lacrosse books make great Christmas & birthday gifts. They are also perfect for getting reluctant younger readers to read a little more. 🙂

  • Head Case Lacrosse Goalie – “Fifth grader Max Speyer has been chosen to be the starting goalie for the local youth lacrosse league. Because he is younger and smaller than the team’s other goalie, he lacks the confidence he needs to beat his archrival, Snake Eyes”.
  • Jake Jennings: Lacrosse Goalie – “Jake Jennings has lots of funny stories to tell about the struggle for survival at the bottom of the family food chain. He has been watching his two older brother live, eat, breathe, and, above all, play lacrosse ever since he can remember. Finally, after years on the sidelines (except when being used for target practice in backyard games), his time to shine has come”
  • Lacrosse Attack – “Peter made the varsity lacrosse team, just like his best friends said he would. In fact, the coach thinks he’s one of the best on the team. But Hurley Johnson, the team’s captain, doesn’t want Peter to take his spot. He’ll stop at nothing to make Peter quit”.
  • Lacrosse Face-Off – “Eleven-year-old Garry, embarrassed when his unathletic brother joins his lacrosse team, faces a bigger problem when the team bully turns on both of them”.
  • Lacrosse Firestorm – “It’s early summer, and things are really heating up between Garry Wallis, star of Lacrosse Face-Off, and his nemesis, Michael Donofrio. At the end of last season, Garry sabotaged Michael’s chances of becoming the league’s top scorer. Now Michael is taking his revenge”.