Lacrosse Goalies – Tips & Drills

Lacrosse Goalies

Goalies are one of the most important players on a lacrosse team. If you are a good goalie, you can carry a mediocre team and be the star of the team. However, this is a tough position because you have to stop hard rubber balls being fired at you! The videos below will help you to become a better lacrosse goalie by providing you with tips and advice (i.e. where to position your body in the goal and how to make outlet passes).

Goalies should also visit our section on lacrosse clears in order to learn clearing drills and techniques. This is where the goalie is passing (clearing) the ball after a save in order to get it into the offensive side of the field.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Goalies

Lacrosse Goalies – Pipe Play

Lacrosse Goalies – Outlets