Best Girls Lacrosse Books

List of Best Girls Lacrosse Books

This section looks at some of the best girls lacrosse books. These books cover the drills, rules, techniques and coaching used in girls lacrosse. They have 4+ stars!

Unfortunately, we do not coach girls lacrosse. Moreover, girls lacrosse differs significantly from boys lacrosse as it has different rules & equipment. Therefore, we would suggest that you check your local library for these girls lacrosse books. They will provide you with information to help you better understand and teach girls lacrosse. We would also suggest that you read the girls lacrosse rules on the US Lacrosse website. US Lacrosse is the governing body for boys & girls lacrosse. We would also recommend that girls & boys use various wall ball drills in order to improve their basic stick skills (i.e. shooting, passing & catching). Wall ball is a great tool for all lacrosse players!

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Instructional Books for Girls Lacrosse Players