Fun Lacrosse Drills

Fun Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

Here are some fun lacrosse drills to break up a long practice or to use as a reward for a good day of training. Young kids will love these fun drills… and will even get some practical training out of them. However, for more serious drills, you should visit our main Beginner Lacrosse Drills section.

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  • Lacrosse Egg Toss – Partner kids up to catch and throw a lacrosse ball. Have them take a step back at each turn so they get further and further apart. Last team to avoid dropping the “egg” wins.
  • Lacrosse Golf – Place a garbage can or bucket on the far side of the field. Have the children try to score a hole in one (without any bounces). A fun lacrosse drill but it also helps to teach accuracy for long clears.
  • Lacrosse Musical Chairs – Have the kids lie in a circle. Then place lacrosse balls in the middle of the circle… but one or two fewer balls than the number of kids. On the blow of the whistle, the kids will jump up to try and win a groundball. Each time, another “musical chair” (ball) is removed until two kids are facing off for the remaining lacrosse ball. This is another fun lacrosse drill but it also teaches kids how to win groundballs and to protect the ball.
  • Lacrosse Relay Races – Divide your kids into teams. Then split each team in half and have each half line up at two different points on the field (i.e. goal line extended and the midfield line). The teams will compete by racing against each other while cradling a lacrosse ball. They must pass off the lacrosse ball to each member of the team (or drop the ball on the ground in front of their teammates if they are very young and have a hard time catching). A variation is to have the kids run around a distant cone while cradling a lacrosse ball and run back to the starting point before passing the ball onto the next relay member.

  • Monkey in the Middle – This is a fun drill to teach kids how to snag opponent passes (great for defenders). Have the defender stand in the middle of two players and try to intercept their passes to one another.
  • Lacrosse Sharks & Minnows – Line everyone up at the midfield line and have them race to the end line while the coaches try to knock the ball out of their stick. Keep going back and forth between the midfield line and end line until there is only one winner. Teaches kids (in a fun way) to protect the ball with good cradling skills. See the video below.
  • Score on the Chicken (or Clown, Cowboy, Frankenstein, Princess, etc.) – Have a coach/parent dress up in a silly outfit and have the kids try to score on him. Always a crowd favorite. 🙂
  • Sky Ball – Fire a lacrosse ball high into the sky and a kid has to catch it.
  • Steal the Bacon – Divide the kids into two teams and line up the players on two sides of the field. Assign each person on the two lines with a number (i.e. 1,2,3,4, etc.). Stand in the middle of the two lines and drop a ground ball. Then shout out a number. The two kids assigned with that number will rush out to win the ground ball and try to return the ball to their team’s side of the field. Award points to each team when one of their players brings the ball back to their team.
  • Thunder Dome – Everyone is in a circle which they can not “escape” from and everyone has a ball that they can not drop. Of course, the coaches try to knock the ball from their sticks. Last man with a ball wins.

Lacrosse Sharks & Minnows