Lacrosse Face Dodge – Instructions

Face Dodge

This page will teach you how to do a lacrosse face dodge. Face dodges allow you to protect the ball on the run without slowing down. In contrast, a roll dodge generally slows the momentum of the dodging player. For more information on other dodges, please visit the main Lacrosse Dodges section.

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Instructions – Face Dodge

  • As you run towards your opponent, you will shift your stick to the side opposite the opposing player without switching your hands. For example, if you are a righty, you will carry your stick on your right side. As you approach the defender, you will keep your hands in the same position but you will move your right hand across your chest to the left side of your body. You will use your body to protect your stick.
  • With a split dodge, you will switch your hands when you bring your stick to the opposite side of your body.
  • In contrast, with a face dodge, you maintain two hands on the stick at all times.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Face Dodges