Lacrosse – Warm-Up Drills

Lacrosse Warm-Up Drills

Before most lacrosse games, teams are given a short period of time on the field in order to warm-up. During this time, lacrosse coaches use some of the lacrosse warm-up drills listed below in order to loosen up their players before a game and to reinforce basic shooting & passing skills, defensive skills, etc. If not included in the warm-up drills, the goalie should be warming up in the net with a coach or player shooting on him. The level of warm-up drills should reflect the overall skill level of the team and coaches should focus on weak areas where the team needs the greatest “warm-up” (i.e. shooting).

If you are looking for warm-up exercises (i.e. Jumping Jacks), please visit our section on Lacrosse Warm-Up Exercises.

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Examples of Lacrosse Warm-Up Drills

  • Line Drills – Line drills are probably the most basic drill used in lacrosse pregame warm-ups and are often used for younger/less experienced players. Players are broken up into groups. Each group should have two sets of players facing each other and standing at least 10-30 yards apart (depending on the drill utilized and skill level of the players).
    • Basic line drill – Players pass the ball with right hand on the run to other side and the other side catches the ball with right hand. After catching the ball, the other side will now pass the ball back on the run to the first group. Drill continues to repeat with each player in the line. The players who are running & passing go to the end of the opposite line after their pass.
    • These line drills can progress into more difficult line drills such as right pass, left catch.​.. then left pass, right catch… then left pass, left catch.
    • Line drills can also include other objectives such as ground ball practice (i.e. player rolls out a ground ball and other side scoops up & passes back).
  • 2 on 1 Groundball Drills – Groundball drills are another entry-level warm-up drill used by coaches.
  • 4 on 3 Drills – 4 on 3 drills simulate fast break opportunities and improve transition scoring & defense. See the fast break drill video below.
  • Triangle Passing Drills – Triangle passing drills involve breaking the players into three groups that pass & catch on the run in this three-sided triangle. See the videos below for an example of a triangle passing drill.
  • Shooting Drills – Given the limited time, coaches often use simple shooting drills focused on alley dodges, sweeps, etc.

Examples of Lacrosse Warm-Up Drills