Lacrosse Drills for Very Young Players

Lacrosse Drills for Very Young Players

Here are some lacrosse drills for very young lacrosse players (i.e. first grade). All you need is one or two kids and a parent/coach for these beginner lacrosse drills. Given their age and coordination, you should focus on very simple drills such as those listed below. For more drills, please visit the main Beginner Lacrosse Drills section.

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Lacrosse Drills

  • Ground ball drills where you roll out the ball and show them how to get low and scoop up the ball.
  • Basic dodging drills where they must dodge past an instructor (i.e. after you have taught them how to do basic lacrosse dodges).  Some basic lacrosse dodges include the roll dodgeface dodge and split dodge.
  • Cradling drills where they have to run a short distance without dropping the ball.
  • Drills where you give them some easy passes (even use an underhand toss if needed) so they can work on catching.
  • Teach them shooting fundamentals and then conduct some simple shooting drills (i.e. roll out ground balls that they must retrieve and then shoot on the goal).
  • You can even use tennis balls for wall ball drills so they are not hurt by regular hard lacrosse balls. Softer tennis balls are less “scary” for young players.
  • Coaches & parents should eventually progress into one on one drills. However, they should work on the basics first and make it fun given the limited attention span of some young children.
  • Check out our fun lacrosse drills for games & events that will liven up the training for the little ones (i.e. shoot on the “chicken” and lacrosse sharks & minnows).
  • As their skills improve, you can switch them over to “regular” beginner drills which are designed for slightly older kids with better coordination… and longer attentions spans. 🙂

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