Lacrosse Swim Dodge – Instructions

Swim Dodge

This page will teach you how to do a lacrosse swim dodge. Swim dodges are dodges used when you are very close to a defenseman. This technique is also known as a lacrosse “swim move”.

However, a lacrosse swim dodge can be a dangerous dodge (esp. against a long pole) because you have only one hand on the lacrosse stick and you are trying to pass your stick over your opponent’s stick or opponent’s head (versus shielding the stick with your body). For more information on other dodges (i.e. toe drags), please visit the main Lacrosse Dodges section.

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Instructions for the Lacrosse Swim Dodge

  • Keep your top hand near the head of the stick (for better ball control).
  • Remove your bottom hand from the stick.
  • Swing your stick with one hand over your opponent’s stick (or opponent’s head if you are taller than your opponent).
  • Move the stick away from your opponent and then close to your body in order to protect the stick until you are in the clear.

Instructional Videos for a Lacrosse Swim Dodge