Lacrosse Cradling – Instructions

Lacrosse Cradling for Beginners

Lacrosse athletes need to work on their cradling skills. This is a very important basic lacrosse skill in order to avoid dropping the ball (i.e. when kids are running down the field) and to protect the ball from defensive pressure.

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Cradling Instructions & Tips

  • Practice cradling the ball vertically. While it is easier to cradle a ball with your stick horizontal (parallel to the ground), it is also easier for an opponent to check and dislodge the ball.
  • Cradle the ball close to your head. If an opponent is trying to dislodge the ball, he could miss and strike your helmet. If an opponent hits your helmet, he will be called for a slashing penalty and this will help your team.
  • Cradle the ball on the side away from your opponent. Use your body to protect the stick. Have your body between your opponent and the ball.
  • Practice one-handed lacrosse cradles in order to better protect the ball (as it is easier to move your stick and “shield” the stick with your body). However, you will need to “lock” the arm without the stick into one non-moving position (usually in a position that looks like an upside down L) in order to avoid a warding penalty (i.e. moving this arm to block an opponent’s stick check). See the video below for one-handed lacrosse cradling instructions.
  • For cradling drills, please visit the main Beginner Lacrosse Drills section.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Cradling – One & Two Handed Cradles