Lacrosse – Man-Down Defense

Man-Down Defense

This page focuses on lacrosse man-down defense. This is an event when you are down a man (player) due to a penalty against your team. This creates a better scoring opportunity for your opponent.

A man-down unit often uses a zone defense which differs from the typical man-on-man defense. Therefore, man-down drills are essential in order to get your team to understand this defense and use it effectively to stop an opponent. You should also visit our section focused on Man-Up offense to see what offenses might be used in a man-down situation.

Examples of Lacrosse Man-Down Formations

  • Box and 1 Zone – This is where you have four players at the corners of the “box” and one player in the center. The player in the middle of the box must be very athletic and quick because he is the player sliding to cover any opponent with the ball attempting to score in the box.
  • 2-3 Zone – This is a zone with two players at the top and three players down low.
  • 5 Man Rotation

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Man-Down Defense