Lacrosse – Face-Off Wing Play

Face-Off Wing Play

Face-off wing play is very important for winning lacrosse face-offs. Dominant face-off units can greatly help a lacrosse team by controlling the time of possession and giving a team many more chances to score.

Two wing players (middies and/or a LSM) will assist the face-off specialist in attempting to win the possession of the ball. Often the face-off specialist will rake the ball backwards to a wing player who will then move it onto the offensive side of the field. If the team’s face-off specialist does not win the face-off possession, the wing players (and FOGO) will attempt to cause the opposing team to lose the possession by aggressively riding the opposing player who has the ball.

Wing players should be aggressive ground ball hawks and good defenders. If they win possession of the ball during the face-off “scrum”, the wing players should attempt to initiate a fast break opportunity. If you have a strong FOGO, you should practice face-off fast breaks. If the face-off unit is not winning possessions, the wing players must be good enough defenders to stop the opposing team’s fast break opportunities.

Face-off units must also practice how to counter an opponent’s FOGO in case they are in a situation where the opponent is winning a high percentage of the face-offs. Coaches can have their LSMs take the face-off for better defensive purposes, they can have their face-off wing players sprint initially to the defensive side of the field (versus moving initially into the offensive side), etc.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Face-Off Wing Play