Lacrosse Stick Checks – Instructions

Lacrosse Stick Checks for Beginners

This page provides instructions for a variety of basic and advanced lacrosse stick checks. Stick checks are used to dislodge the ball from an opponent’s stick, disrupt an opponent’s shot or pass, etc.

Lacrosse beginners should focus on mastering basic lacrosse stick checks first (i.e. poke checks). When kids are older and more advanced, they should learn the more advanced stick checks listed below and how to utilize body checks effectively. For information on body checks, please visit our section on Lacrosse Body Checks.

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Types of Lacrosse Stick Checks – Click on techniques below for videos & instructions

Basic Stick Checks

  • Lift Check – This lacrosse check involves “lifting” an opponent’s hands with your stick so the ball will drop out of his stick.
  • Poke Check – This lacrosse stickcheck involves “poking” an opponent’s hands with your stick so he drops the ball. Moreover, a poke can miss the hands and still disrupt an opponent because it strikes his stomach, etc.
  • Slap Check – This lacrosse stick check involves “slapping” at an opponent’s stick (usually when you are on the run). However, if thrown too hard, it can be called for a slashing penalty.
  • Trail Check or Tomahawk Check – This is usually a desperation check when you have been burnt by an opponent. You bring your stick down like a Tomahawk and hope to dislodge the ball from an opponent who is hanging his stick. However, this check can result in a slashing penalty because there is a good chance of hitting your opponent’s helmet as you bring your stick down vertically near his head.

Advanced Stick Checks

  • Ding Dong Check – This is a defensive stick check used to strip the ball from an opponent. The first step of a Ding Dong check involves a fake over the head check.
  • Ice Pick Check – The ice pick check is a high risk check for lacrosse defenders because it can throw them out of position.
  • Kayak Check – With this lacrosse stick check, you will use the butt end of your stick in an attempt to dislodge the ball in your opponent’s stick.
  • Over The Head Check – The over the head check is an advanced lacrosse stick check suited for tall lacrosse defensemen.
  • Rusty Gate Check – The rusty gate check is a one-handed lacrosse check.
  • One Hand Wrap Check – This stick check allows a defender to knock a ball loose from an opponent who is trying to guard his stick with his body.
  • Two Hand Wrap Check – This is the two-hand version of the One Hand Wrap Check.