Lacrosse – Over The Head Check

Over The Head Check

This page provide details on how to perform a lacrosse Over The Head check. This is an advanced lacrosse stick check suited for tall lacrosse defensemen. For other stick checks (i.e. wrap check), please visit the main Lacrosse Stick Checks section.

Tips & Instructions

  • This is an advanced and risky check as a defender can be called for striking an opponent’s helmet (as he must bring his stick over the head of his opponent in order to perform this stick check).
  • Moreover, if this stick check does not work, the defender can find himself out of position as the opponent runs under this check.
  • This lacrosse stick check is most effective for taller players. Players can use their height to look down at their opponent and see if the opponent is hanging his stick. Therefore, the defender will have a greater chance of successfully hitting the opponent’s stick with this check.

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Over The Head Checks