Lacrosse – Body Checks

Lacrosse Body Checks for Beginners

This page focuses on lacrosse body checks. This page also reviews legal and illegal body checks for boys youth lacrosse. However, lacrosse beginners should focus on mastering basic lacrosse stick checks (i.e. poke checks and lift checks). Furthermore, please remember that body checks are not allowed for younger players!

Legal Body Checks in Lacrosse

  • According to 2017 Rules from US Lacrosse, there is no body checking allowed for U12 and below. For older boys, body checking is allowed against an opponent who is in possession of the ball or who is within three yards of the ball.
  • Body checking must be below the shoulders and above the waist of an opponent.
  • Both hands of the player applying the body check must remain in contact with his stick.
  • However, always check with your local lacrosse officials as rules can change.

Illegal Body Checks in Lacrosse

  • Body checking against an opponent who is not in possession of the ball or who is not within three yards of the ball.
  • An avoidable body check on an opponent after he has passed or shot the ball.
  • Body checking an opponent from behind.
  • Body checking an opponent at or below the waist.
  • Body checking an opponent above the shoulders.
  • No take-out checks (i.e. intent to injure) are allowed.

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Lacrosse Body Checks