Lacrosse – Poke Check

Lacrosse – Poke Checks

This page provides details on a lacrosse poke check. This lacrosse stick check involves “poking” at an opponent’s hands with your stick so he drops the ball. Moreover, a poke can miss the hands and still disrupt an opponent because it might strike his stomach, etc. For other stick checks (i.e. wrap check), please visit the main Lacrosse Stick Checks section.

Tips & Instructions for Better Poke Checks

  • Aim at the hands of your opponent.
  • Don’t throw yourself out of position by lunging and putting your full weight behind the poke check. This makes it difficult to recover and stay with your man when they are moving past you.
  • If you miss, you can still disrupt your opponent by hitting his stomach or ribs.
  • Unlike a tomahawk or slap check, you are less likely to be called for a slashing penalty with a poke check.

Instructional Video for Lacrosse Poke Checks