Lacrosse – Lift Check

Lacrosse – Lift Checks

This page provide details on how to perform a lift check in lacrosse. This check involves “lifting” an opponent’s hands with your stick so he drops the ball. For other stick checks (i.e. wrap check), please visit the main Lacrosse Stick Checks section.

Tips & Instructions for Better Lift Checks

  • Aim at the hands of your opponent. Try to “lift” his hands with the head of your stick. This could cause the ball to drop out of his stick or alter his shot/pass.
  • If a defender attempts to escape your left check by going to a one-handed cradle, you should quickly lift your stick under his arm and try to strike the “V” where his hand joins together with the stick. This can “de-twig” an opponent (knock the stick out of the opponent’s hands).

Instructional Videos for Lacrosse Lift Checks