Lacrosse – Attack Techniques

Lacrosse Attackmen Tips & Techniques

This page provides details on how to become a better lacrosse attackman. It focuses on shooting techniques, dodges, passing, rides and much more.

Focus Areas for Lacrosse Attackmen – Click on pages below for videos, instructions, etc.

Lacrosse Attack Tips

  • Work on shooting equally well with either hand (right and left). If you can only shoot effectively with your dominant hand (i.e. righty shots), it will be easier for a defender to stop you (as they will “cheat” and overplay your dominant hand).
  • Practice a wide variety of shooting techniques such as behind the back shooting, on the run shooting, underhand shooting, cross handed shooting, etc. This will give you more opportunities to score.
  • For scoring near the cage, you must practice fakes.
  • Quick stick skills. If you are in close, you will need to quickly get rid of a feed in order to score before a defender can disrupt your shot.
  • Work on your dodges. For example, the question mark dodge in an essential technique to learn order to escape defenders when attacking from X.
  • Shooting with power. If you are on the outside and/or in a Man-Up situation, you might have a chance for a time & room shot. Therefore, you need to have a powerful shot as you are shooting from a distance.
  • Lacrosse agility training. Work on your agility in order to break free for a shot or a pass. Moreover, if will help to reduce the chance for potential change of direction injuries (i.e. torn ACL).
  • Ability to ride opponents. An important job for attackman is to vigorously ride opponents in order to get the ball back (i.e. due to a missed pass or a clear by the opposing goalie).
  • Improve your passing and feeding skills. Keep your head up while dodging so you can see an open man while on the move.

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