Beginner Lacrosse

Beginner Lacrosse is focused on providing free lacrosse information on shooting, dodging, drills, passing, catching, defense, college recruiting & much more. This website is for parents with boys who are playing lacrosse in middle school & high school.

Unfortunately, we do not cover girls lacrosse. Girls lacrosse differs significantly from boys lacrosse as it has different rules & equipment. Therefore, we would suggest that you check your local library for these girls lacrosse books.

This website provides free videos & instructions focused on boys lacrosse such as basic techniques, individual drills, team concepts and much more. We even look at college lacrosse recruiting and college lacrosse prospect days & lacrosse recruiting showcases if you have a son interested in playing lacrosse in college. This site covers a multitude of beginner techniques (i.e. cradling and catching) as well as many advanced lacrosse techniques (i.e. toe dragsfakes and behind the back shooting). This information will help parents to improve their son’s overall lacrosse skills (i.e. shootingdodges and defense).

This website looks at a wide variety of boys lacrosse topics such as:

Ask yourself!! Do you want your son standing around during spring baseball? Or do you want him to get a great workout during spring lacrosse? Do you want to snooze while he gets only two or three times at bat in baseball? Or do you want to cheer & scream when he is running up the field on a fast break about to score in lacrosse? Hmmm… we choose lacrosse!!!

We hope that parents will use this information to help their sons learn the basics of boys lacrosse or to become a better lacrosse player.