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Beginner is focused on lacrosse beginners and intermediate players. This site is for families with boys who are learning the game of lacrosse (i.e. boys in elementary or middle school).

We will help your son to improve his overall lacrosse skills (i.e. shooting, dodges and defense) through free advice & instruction regarding lax basics, individual drills, wall ball, training and much more.

Ask yourself!! Do you want your child standing around during spring baseball? Or do you want him to get a great workout during spring lacrosse?

Do you want to snooze while he gets only two or three times at bat in baseball? Or do you want to cheer & scream when he is running up the field on a fast break about to score in lacrosse?


Beginner provides help with lacrosse basics (i.e. catching, checking, cradling, passing and shooting) as well advanced lacrosse techniques (i.e. question mark dodges and goalie techniques).

Whether your son is just learning lacrosse or has been playing lacrosse for a few years, you will find free lacrosse videos and instruction that can help improve his game at Beginner!

Moreover, as fellow parents, we want to help beginner lacrosse parents (so they can assist their children with drills, practice ideas, tactics, etc). Your son will find it easier to improve at lacrosse if you help him. You will also find practicing lacrosse together with your son is a great family bonding experience. Therefore, we have tried to provide lacrosse parents with tons of advice and free videos. We want beginning lacrosse players to quickly learn lacrosse so they can enjoy and succeed at this exciting sport.

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